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Valentin COMTE , France
Youtube Video Uploader

Nautilus Scripts by angenoir71 6 comments

Hey, thanks for the comment !
Yeah sure you can make your own script and post it to gnome-looks, espescially if it's better than another mine :D
- Dec 04 2010
Googlecl with GUI

Utilities by angenoir71 4 comments

You need to run each function in a term before using the gui, i.e. youtube : google youtube post \'/path/to/your/video/\'
The googlecl will make a conf file and will ask you your username and passwordsince it's the first time you run it.
For the other services you can see examples in the googlecl wiki - Sep 01 2010

GDM Themes
by RabidWeezle

9   Mar 17 2011
YouTube Uploader

Nautilus Scripts
by RishavT

9   Dec 04 2010