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May 20 2010
Hi hhh,
you're right. At my installed version (old) of "humanities" are these settings available.

But MagIcons is only the tool to configure those icons. The changeable colors are defined at the icons, in this case at humanities. You should ask Jennie from Humanities. Maybe this settings have been removed at the last update.

Good luck! - Mar 08 2012
You can use your packet-manager (synaptic) to deinstall MagIcons :-) - Dec 10 2011
Hi Karmicbastler,

at present there is no repository for MagIcons. However on Ubuntu the update is quite simple:
Download the deb file and make a doubleclick on it. The packet installer "GDebi" will pop up and you can carry out an update. You don't need to remove the old version at first.
I have also thought about a repository but that is future. - Jun 17 2010
I hope so too!
In the near future every PNG iconset will be installable. - Jun 16 2010
Hi Hoodoo,

ACYL is not installable by MagIcons. But of course it would be possible to use it together with MagIcons (I tried it out by myself).
I have seen, that many people like MagIcons and there are some iconsets that will be suitable with MagIcons. I'm planning to ask the developers to build up a MagIcons variant of their work.

So I think you need to be patient. - May 16 2010
Hi ikisham,

The 'with' statement is part of python 2.6. So I think you have a old version of python.

I recommend to update python to >= 2.6

If you don't want to update python, you could try the following (not tested):
  • Open the MagIcons program-file as root (sudo gedit /usr/share/magicons/MagIcons).

  • Write in line 23 without indentation:

  • Quote:
    from __future__ import with_statement

  • Save the file and try running MagIcons again

  • good luck
    Alex - May 08 2010
    Hi Alvonsius,
    There has nothing strange happened and this is not a bug!
    MagIcons modifies only the iconset called "MagIcons" (as you confirmed).

    I will try to explain:
    On a fresh Ubuntu installation (10.04) or on a live-session, the five iconsets (Humanity, Humanity-Dark, LoginIcons, Ubuntu-Mono-Dark and Ubuntu-Mono-Light) will all look the same (at least at the selector preview, your screenshot).
    The Humanity-Colors package with the scheme "Orange" also looks identically to the original Ubuntu 10.04 Icons.
    In this case the orange folder icons in the selector menu are not the result of a strange behaviour of MagIcons.

    I hope this was understandable. If not, try out with a live-session of Ubuntu Lucid and take a look at the icon selector before installing MagIcons. This will look the same as in your screenshot.

    Best regards
    Alex - May 07 2010
    Oh, WOW
    Thank you! - May 05 2010
    Thank you! - May 03 2010
    currently this is the very first public beta of MagIcons. I startet releasing this application for Ubuntu because I use Ubuntu by myself.
    Actually Im in heavy coding to produce the next stable release (this will be almost a complete rewrite). For the next version I planned to add some packages for other distros.
    Please be patience. - Mar 04 2010
    I love a nice looking OS, but Im not an graphical artist. So I give you this Application in the hope it is alo useful for you!
    The Iconsets that are included in this application are not complete sets (they only consists of a view icons).

    It is very easy to create an iconset that fits in MagIcons. If you want to create one or if you want to build one from an existing iconset, please contact me to get help. For the future I will create a small wiki for you as icondesigner.

    Please help that some installable iconsets are soon available. - Feb 21 2010

    Nautilus Scripts 67 comments

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    Apr 27 2011
    you're right. The filename is coverchooser.cfg, that was my mistake.

    that is strange... could you please give me some more information according your system:

    Which distro you are using? is it a beta? Maybe there are problems with new versions from dependencies...

    Which Python version is installed on your system?
    (call: python --version)

    are there error messages in the terminal when you run Coverchooser in verbose mode?
    (call: coverchooser -gav --artist="Bon Iver" --album="Bon Iver")

    Until we find that bug, you could try to use the backend of coverchooser. Open the Nautilus-script file of coverchooser (call: sudo gedit ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/CoverChooser) and change the "-g" into a "-f" at line 22. It should say:
    shell_cmd=["coverchooser", "-g", "--path="+file_or_dir]
    After that use the nautilus-script and wait a few seconds to get the folder image stored inside that directory

    I'm sure we'll get that fixed! - Jul 26 2011
    Hi Wanderfalke,

    maybe you have a slow internet connection (WLAN or GSM/UMTS)...

    Let's try to change the timeout:
    Open a terminal and write:
    coverchooser -gav --artist="amy winehouse" --timeout=60
    (coverchooser --help will give you some info on what you are doing). When this helps, you can change the default value by editing the config file. Write in the terminal:
    gedit ~/.coverchoose/coverchooser.conf
    you will find the right entry :-)

    Please let me know if this helps! - Jul 26 2011
    Hi Goldencut,
    you can manipulate the fetched images by using this buttons (excluding the "current").
    The first four buttons are used to scale/crop the image to get a square. The two buttons on the right side are used to enhance the images. Here is what they exactly do:

    1: Don't scale or crop the image.
    2: Scale the image to a square.
    3: Crop the image to a square.
    4. Do some magic stuff to get a square ;-)
    5: Make ugly scans some more brilliant (increase contrasts and saturation).
    6: Create real B&W images from color-scans of B&W-Images (Desaturate). - Jun 25 2011
    Oh, sorry. Forgot to add a link to the tarball. I will add the tar.gz after eastern. Till then you can use the bazar branch to get the upstream data:
    bzr branch lp:coverchooser - Apr 23 2011
    New packages are now released :) - Apr 23 2011
    To your second question:
    Currently there is no way to run CoverChooser without the gui. But you could turn off all the not needed modules: Open the file /etc/coverchooser.conf and take a look at the parameters MODULE_ALBUM_ORDER and MODULE_ARTIST_ORDER - Mar 02 2011
    Ooops :-)
    Will be done! - Mar 02 2011
    Let it me know if you could find the clou!
    Maybe there are special characters...

    The next time when you find a Folder where CoverChooser is not running, try to start it by the Terminal. Maybe some Info will be printed there.
    Go to: Applications --Accessories --Terminal
    and type here:
    CoverChooser "/path/to/this/folder"
    yes, including the quotes.

    Thank you for your comment!
    - Mar 02 2011
    sorry, but I don't think that I will include this functionality. I don't want to manipulate your music files and I dont want to blow them up. Besides it is not simple to handle the different MP3-ID3-Tag versions without loosing information.
    But I think there are other scripts in the Internet that will do this job very well for you. - Mar 02 2011

    for me, the link is still working with my access-key. What exactly isn't working? Do you get an error-message? You could try a different browser because some browsers don't show xml-content.

    I'm using the following key:
    --account --Security Credentials --Tab: Access Keys --Access Key ID

    Currently I'm not sure if you needs a special signup for this key from here: - Mar 02 2011
    I don't have problems with the Amazon module. You will only need the "Access-Key".

    For the Amazon module you will need a key, called "Access Key" in the email from Amazon. My key consists about 20 signs (letters and numbers).
    Be sure to write:
    into the /etc/coverchooser.conf file (no # at the start and the Xs replaced).
    You can try to test the following url in your browser (replace the XXX...)

    If you don't get a error message with registration informations, it should be the right key!

    hope this works for you. - Aug 23 2010
    a Wikipedia search will come in the near future. I've already started coding and testing the new module. The Wikipedia module will only search for Artist images (not album).

    To verify the directory names (if no metadata is found) is a good idea. I will try to do that within the next release.

    Your suggested dropdown-box sounds good. But I think, that this will take some more time for coding and changing all the current modules. I'm very busy this days, so you will not find this feature in the next release (perhaps in the next but one).

    Thank you for your comment! - Mar 30 2010
    Hi lzap,

    the homepage of Covera is saying "coming soon", so I think Covera is similar to CoverChooser (not the other way).
    About the speed:
    I haven't tried Covera but, of course, they will be faster because they trace only one query (at google).
    But thank you for the link, I will look at this application when it is finished.

    By the way, CoverChooser is written in Python/GTK - Mar 18 2010
    Oh yes, cover-thumbnailer is a great tool. Im using it on my desktop pc. At the netbook it is a little bit to slow on opening some folders.
    Nice that I could help you. - Mar 04 2010
    According to the Window size, you are able to change this by yourself. There is a config-file at:
    just open that file in an texteditor (you need sudo rights, type in a terminal: sugo gedit /etc/coverchooser.conf) and change the values at the "Skin" area. On customizing a line, the # sign must be removed.
    Try out the following values:
    SIZE_IMAGE 100
    YPOS_ROW2 170
    YPOS_ROW3 340

    I will try to write a module for the Wikipedia Artist images. Please be patience.

    - Mar 04 2010
    Hello stabbyjones,
    the CoverChooser is using the ID3-Tags from your MP3s. I think the very best solution would be, to correct your id3-tags at first (there is an extra tag for cd-number). You could write a script, that do this for you :-)

    OK, here I give you the solution you want:
    Open the CoverChooser program code (sudo gedit /usr/share/CoverChooser/CoverChooser)
    Now change the lines 175-177
    if self.artist != '':
    >print 'Metadata: artist = '+self.artist
    >print 'Metadata: album = '+self.album

    if self.artist != '':
    >if self.album != '':
    >>self.album = self.album.replace('[cd1]', '')
    >>self.album = self.album.replace('[cd2]', '')
    >>self.album = self.album.replace('[cd3]', '')
    >>self.album = self.album.strip()
    >>print 'CD-No. from the albuminfo deleted'
    >print 'Metadata: artist = '+self.artist
    >print 'Metadata: album = '+self.album

    Now save the file and try if it works. I haven't tested this code but it should do the stuff you want.

    Hint: This is a Python code. So you need the correct indent! I described the indent by '>'.

    Im no bash expert, but I think there are some bugs in your script:
    1. Don't forget to remove "Folder.png"
    2. In the albums-script the first two lines within the DO-LOOP are the same

    I hope this works for you! - Jan 30 2010
    In the new version (0.3) the image size and the filetype is shown.
    enjoy the new release!
    - Dec 29 2009
    to print down the resolution of each picture is actual not possible. But I can include it in the next version, if you want so.

    the "force square" option means, that the image will be scaled to a square, even when the original size is not a square. So you will get "stretched" images when the original is not a square. - Dec 25 2009
    You can change the default filename in the config file.


    good luck! - Dec 24 2009
    this is also not a bug.
    on applying an image, the image will be stored in the choosen folder, and the script will exit.
    If you want not to quit the script automatically, change the settings for QUIT_ON_APPLY in the conf file (/etc/coverchooser.conf).

    Or is the picture not stored into the folder? - Dec 24 2009
    This is not a bug.
    Apply the script directly on a folder or a music file (rightklick, scripts -> CoverChooser), then the active folder will be automatically set! There is no other way to set the active folder! - Dec 24 2009
    At the Amazon homepage the Key is called:
    Access Key ID
    I have seen, that their homepage is a bit confused. To find your key (if you allready got one), go here:

    - Dec 23 2009
    at first to your second question: actually this is not possible, but in the next version you can change the default file name at the conf file. Im working hard on it, but please wait a few days.

    For the Amazon module you will need a key, called "Access Key" in the email from Amazon. My key consists about 20 signs (letters and numbers).
    Be sure to write "KEYS Amazon:XXXXXXXXXX" into the conf file (no # at the start and the Xs replaced).
    You can try to test the following url in your browser (replace the XXX...)

    If you get a xml-page, it should be the right key

    I hope this helps - Dec 23 2009
    That is a good idea. However Im not sure to manage this within the next version. Nevertheless I will promis You to include it at least in v0.3
    Thank you for this post! - Dec 22 2009
    Oh yes, Im already working on it. It will come with the next version. I think within the next days :-) - Dec 22 2009
    The first time you have to openit by:
    Applications > Utillities > CoverChooser
    The script will then automatically place the launcher into the nautilus-script folder. I have tried it with the Ubuntu live cd (to have a clean os). After this first step the "scripts" option will appear in the context menu.
    Hope that helps! - Dec 19 2009
    NowPlaying (improved)

    Conky 50 comments

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    Feb 27 2011
    Hi Brucelee,

    your improved version of this screenlet is fabulous. Especially the broken glass theme.
    Thank you for paying attention to this app and kicking this screenlet off a bit more.
    I will add a notice to my page ( that there is a newer version available.

    The Screenlet, theming and the mpd module is working fine for me. - Mar 12 2011
    Nowplaying Screenlet modified

    Conky 37 comments

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    Dec 10 2009
    it is working for me with Banshee 1.6.1. without doing any changings after the installation. Maybe they changed something in a newer Banshee version.
    If they really changed something, try to connect via MPRIS. That should work for you. - Feb 12 2011
    I haven't used DeadBeef, but maybe MPRIS is supported by DeadBeef. So you could connect to the NowPlayingScreenlet via MPRIS.
    Good luck! - Dec 31 2010
    that sounds really strange. I've actually tried it on a lucid-live environment however it's not possible for me to reproduce this behavior.

    Have you tried different themes? maybe this is an error with a theme.

    Are you sure that you started only one instance? There is a difference between "quit" and "delete" a screenlet.

    How do you start your screenlets?
    And how do you start your screenlets-daemon?
    - Sep 19 2010
    No problem :-)

    Hint: for missing albumart I recommend CoverChooser. See here: - Jun 07 2010
    At first: Are you sure that the directory for saving the covers really exists?
    When this is not the problem, give me please some more informations: have you got an error message? Which player are you using? Are you using your own Keys for Amazon/Discogs/LastFM? - Jun 06 2010
    I have sent a PM to you with more details. - Mar 30 2010
    Hi timvdwest,

    I have observed this behaviar the last days and came up to 60MB within 5 hours. Even this is too much. So this is really a bug. Currently I don't have enough time to solve this. But I have seen that "bladesuk1" (two comments above) is currently at work to bring up a new version of Nowplaying. Perhaps he could try to fix that bug in his version. - Mar 18 2010
    if you are blessed ideas you can take over this screenlet. At the moment anyway, I have too much to do with my other projects (MagIcons and CoverChooser). Good luck, I am looking forward to your results. - Mar 03 2010
    In the next version I'm going to rename all the modules in a more unique way. I hope this will prevent getting similar bugs in the future. - Oct 30 2009

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    Aug 02 2011
    it seems that the idea is taken from MagIcons, look here: - Jun 03 2010

    Full Icon Themes 6 comments

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    Jun 19 2010
    Great Work and thank you for supporting MagIcons!
    I added a Link to your Icons at MagIcons (here at gnome-look). - May 30 2010

    Full Icon Themes 53 comments

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    Apr 25 2020
    Im the author of MagIcons (
    Your Icon Theme can be installed in my application with only little changes. You onely need to pack one textfile into your Theme. If you want to make your Icon Theme installable by MagIcons, I would help you creating that "magicons.control" file. - Feb 24 2010

    Full Icon Themes
    by Moimeme

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    Jun 03 2010
    Kupo Finale

    GTK2 Themes
    by lassekongo83

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    Apr 30 2010
    Gnominus SVG

    Full Icon Themes
    by mtax

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    Apr 30 2010

    Full Icon Themes
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    Dec 28 2009
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