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Offerings (Galatians 6:14)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 20 comments

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Jun 23 2004
well you can believe what you want. Although I pity you when you pass away and are standing in front of your creator. Then you will truly know who Jesus is and at that point it is too late. Sadly I see how you look for any posting with Christian content and start your ranting. You can't stand it, can you? The fact that you have no power to stop the Christian themed art. what if you did have that power. What would you complain about? - Jun 27 2004
well aparently from your response, you do not know the difference between Chistianity and Religion. Since man (as, man in the general sense) is inherently evil, you are correct in stating all those travesties. However, that is not Christianity. Christianity or in other words a disicple of Jesus Christ. Can you tell me one thing Jesus did wrong? One travesty? I will restate my question. What is it about Jesus that bothers you so much? Don't give me a bunch of junk about this person or that person did this or that in the name of religion. I want to know specifically what bothers you so much about Jesus? - Jun 25 2004
Thanks! You made my point exactly. Oh, I assume you are a scholar on the history of the Christian Church? I do have another question. What is it about Christianity the offends you so much? To resort to equating Christians with Nazi's is really desperate. - Jun 25 2004
how I have never seen anyone complain about the explotation of women as "sex objects" in other postings. However, as soon as any art with a Christian theme is posted it receives all kinds of complaints. If you don't like it, don't use it. This is art, and has the same right to be posted as the half naked/ naked women posts do. I guess tolerance is only for everything non-Christian. - Jun 24 2004
Aikido and Aikido-inverted

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Jun 15 2004
I studied Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Hapkido is very similar. This isn't Linux or KDE specific, but original. I'll use it, but with some personal modifications. - Jun 15 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 112 comments

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Mar 21 2004
"I'd like to see you describe how FSTAB works to someone that doesn't understand /dev/hda1."

How about WEBMIN? That's a really cool GUI frontend to do alot of tasks. Including mounts. One doesn't need to know more than the computer and share name. If they can't figure that one out, they shouldn't owna computer.
Maybe you need to learn some more? - Mar 21 2004
Sons of God (Romans 8:14)

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Jan 21 2004
again showing your intelligence. There is a time and place for everything. Tim positing Christian based art using Linux with GIMP on KDE is proper for a web site for posting wallpapers. Hense, Tim's posting does not upset the workings of the site, but actually adhears to what the site is for. Upsetting a church service, by not following the process at hand is wrong.
You are just so smart, it kills me. - Jan 22 2004
I see you are reduced to cursing. WOW! I'm so impressed with your vocabulary.
A sign of intelligence - Jan 22 2004
Keep it up. - Jan 21 2004
you use oh God in your subject line, like you are crying out to God, but this seems to offend you. Can you explain please? You seem to contradict yourself.
You sound like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Are you 2?

Tim has as much right to post his art as you do. Deal with it! He isn't going away, so if you don't like his art; shut up and vote it down!
- Jan 21 2004
Propaganda- (noun)
1. information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause.
2. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a cause

So to answer your question yes! This is created in GIMP. Hense promotion of open source. If you don't like the art than tough; shut up, vote it down and move on. Is that to hard for you? This is relavant since tim uses KDE on Linux. I think this is quite good. Not many free-hand wallpapers. - Jan 21 2004
Dragon Collection

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Jan 20 2004
thank you - Jan 20 2004
God So Loved

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Jan 16 2004
no problem tim. It seems that many people believe Christianity to be a fatih without logic. On the contrary, if one uses logic without prejudice, than their conclusions will validate Christ's claims.
Not all Christians are non-educated rednecks from the hills in the bible belt. (that is a stereotype I usually hear)

Peace - Jan 18 2004
are you really a christian? With the definition as -disciple of Christ.
Your logic is flawed. One can only take the evidence and compile the logical outcome for themselves. All evidene points to Ramsay's recordings to be accurate. Is there evidence to say contrary? This is only eveidence, and on it's oen proves nothing, however, much of this evidence stacked against scripture and non-biblical text do support it being accurate evidence. Another example are to obisks of Shalamncer. They record battles with the Isrealites in detail, and coorospnd with scripture in the Old Testament. Alone the oblisks prove nothing, but as evidence supported my the biblical text one can make a safe "logical" assumption they are true. Your logic is flawed and you are missing the point, Ramsey concluded the book of Luke to be True, "and" became a Christian. Again, weighting the evidence that Ramsey was not a Christian, and set out to dis-prove Luke, can only logically be interpreted as his presuasitions were changed by finding truth on the text of Luke. So to start at "A" Ramsey is not a Christian, and end at "K" Ramsay is ow a believer, can only be eveidence that the in between was true. - Jan 17 2004
The Gift of God

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Jan 15 2004
I like ........ :-) - Jan 15 2004
Formless and Void

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Jan 13 2004
sounds familiar?
We must read the same book :-) - Jan 13 2004
Light (**warning Christian content)

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Jan 10 2004
I placed the warning because I and others have been accussed of pushing our faith down people's throats. Since I am a Christian, it comes out in my art, it's who I am. One of the comments I've heard in the past was one doesn't know it's a Christian theme WP until they click to open it. The warning removes the worry of clicking on a WP that may be offensive, if one is offended by Christianity.

Thanks for the comment - Jan 11 2004
Vine and Branches

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Jan 02 2004
I have to agree with Tim that considering this "spam" is incorrect. Spam is unsolicited, posting, email, etc........... However, this is an open forum. Is spam even possible? By the shear nature of an open forum, I would say no. - Jan 04 2004
I'm not offended by your comments about God. They don't persude me in my beliefs. Neither do I want you to shut up. That is not right, no matter how one looks at it. That are many views of God, yours (if I am correct) being there is no God. Plain and simple we are diametriclly opposed. You have much a right to speak as anyone in this forum. I think that proper manners to not offend purposely is right. I place my art here for those who like it, as I believe many other artist do. I don't like all the postings I see, so I don't use them. Some I think are just plain revolting, and rude. Yet, this is the world we live in. Not all my art has a Christian theme. ALthougn I am a Christian and my beliefs will come out in much of whta I do (art being one), as I suspect yours do also. With that said, please keep evealuating my work. Your voice is no less valuable that anyone else. - Jan 04 2004
Let me clarify. Aking not to be flamed for the Biblical text is simple this. Because I am a Christian, everything I do has a slant towards Christianity. My art in no exception. If you thought the wallpaper overall was bad just say it is bad! If you thought it is bad because I used a biblcal text with it, just say it is bad becasue of the text. To try an open a debate about God is what I wanted to avoid. Now it seems my description is even deciphered for it's Christian content. Simple put, if you don't like the art, say it. If you don't like the text used, keep it to yourself. That is what I see as flaming.
- Jan 04 2004
It's kind of cartoonish, but it's an easy none obtrusive background. Thanks for the opinion. - Jan 02 2004
Lost Tux

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Jan 02 2004
I like it for the most part. The star is cut off at the top and the tux is a little blurry. A little tweaking wold make it better. Keep it up - Jan 02 2004
first gimp'd WP

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Dec 23 2003
so keep them coming. I pesonally like simple wallpapers. there are many here that are so busy, they distract. - Dec 24 2003
RedHat black

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Dec 22 2003
I can remove that. - Dec 22 2003
Fellowship of the Unashamed

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Nov 20 2003
I think "everyone" needs to grow up. The arguments back and forth seem to be "the battle of who is more enlightened". What a Joke. Believe what you want. Just because you believe it, doesn't make it correct. - Nov 21 2003
Pleiades Bound, Orion Loosed

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Oct 28 2003
a clash of religions. You still have not answered the question. Why does this art bother you so much? Let's not make it about Tim's art, but the art in general. What are you afraid of? A world war becasue of religion? Too late. That's been happening. Bottom line is you want censorship on YOUR term. Soemthing bothers you so lets get rid of it. You have nothing of value to add to this site or say in general, if you can't answer a simple question and keep assuming nobody gets the point. You have done nothing but bash the things that bother you the most. Well, since this is the last I'm going to say on this post (since it's obvious you aren't going to be honest).

#1 Heaven and hell are real.

#2 You don't have to believe in either, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

#3 There will be a final judgement.

#4 everyone WILL participate.

Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus.

Go ahead and have your vote and push your agenda. Since you have nothing of value to say. I will no longer respond. A real man would just ignore this if he truely believed his convictions. My bet is you will respond and of course prove my point.

I will no longer reply to this post. May you find peace in your life, with the one true, everlasting God,
Jesus Christ. - Oct 30 2003
I read your comments. I even quoted you. So are you goig to answer the questions posed. If yo can't, I understand. - Oct 30 2003
Why does Tim's art bother you so much? Is it so hard for you just to not use it and ignore it? I don't understand. as you said, "No one likes a pushy salesman". Is'nt the fact that you even suggested a vote pushing your idea? Who is the pushy salesman, Tim who is posting Christian Themed art, or you trying to get it removed? Scaping wallpapers completely? Would you push to have Tim's art removed if it were a theme with bible charactors as the icons? Or how about someone else who posted a theme with blood and guts, and a message of violence? Or one with flowers, having a message about save the planet? Or a theme with fish icons and wallpaper preaching save the whales? What makes Those senarios different from Tim's. They all run on KDE and they all have a message. WHich message don't you agree with? That's the one you want to remove. The flower people should post on a save the planet site? The fish people on a save the whales site? Gee, what fun would that be. I personally like the various postings. I don't agree with the ones that exploit women, so I don't use them. IF you hated the color green would you "vote" to have all walpapers with green removed. They should be posted on a site for green walpapers only? How radiculous! I personally think Tims art is coming along fine. Some of his wallpapers are quite good, and I resonate with the message. But all he is doing is using words from a book called the "bible". IF that offends you so much either those words are true and that "book" has you thinking you have some answering to do for the way you live your life. Or all historical writings offend you and you want to sensor them all! - Oct 30 2003
censorship? From your postings, that is what you are aluding to. Why should Tim brown's work be censored? If you don't agree with the message placed in his work, don't use it. Yes, art work on with a Christian theme is a minority, but why should it be stopped? How about this as a vote. Anything that is not KDE should be banned. No Linux, NO Tux, No BSD!!!! Only KDE! And no message of any kind, NO favorite Color, No landscapes, No Images unless they are KDE. Here's a thought, why not just use window$ with a plain blue ugly backgroud. After all, that wouldn't offend anyone. Opps, I forgot the color blind. Sorry. - Oct 29 2003
Got Christ?

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Oct 16 2003
is subjective. I personally don't like all the wallpapes I see on the site. I have posted a few that I'm sure others don't like as well. Just because this is offensive to some doesn't mean he shouldn't post here. Bashing his talent because it is offensive isn't critisizim, it's just bashing. Why not bash the guy who posted photos from his trip to CA. That didn't take much talent. I think they look good. Bottom line is: the message is offensive to some. If you don't like it don't use it! What is it about the bible that is so offensive. Is it not a historical manuscript? Or is it more? If it is just a book, why all the controversy? - Oct 16 2003

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Oct 15 2003
I was starting with a bad day. An entirely windows network with government workers. Talk about an exercise in futility! If nothing else worked, at least I got GIMP to work on my winblows machine. - Oct 15 2003

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Oct 13 2003
I will give 1280 x 1024 a try. - Oct 13 2003

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Sep 18 2003
alethia = truth - Sep 18 2003