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Alessandro Pisa

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Jan 14 2008
Thanks for your help! - Jan 06 2008
Hello everybody!
Can anyone provide me feedback about succesful installation, please?

Thanks in advance! - Jan 04 2008
I am using mandriva 2008.0 right now and with it you can install PyQt4 with the command: urpmi python-qt4

This will probably pull the needed packages. Mandriva provides:
python-qt4-core python-qt4-devel python-qt4-network python-qt4-qscintilla python-qt4-sql python-qt4-test
python-qt4-assistant python-qt4-designer python-qt4-gui python-qt4-opengl python-qt4-script python-qt4-svg python-qt4-xml

I do not know if there is a precompiled package for mandriva 2007. Anyway it could be a nice change for upgrading your distribution :)
- Jan 04 2008
The applications needs PyQt4 and it can be downloaded from

Which is your distribution? Probably there is an easier way to install it.

- Jan 03 2008
Thanks! You are welcome!
If you have any suggestion or feature request I will be pleased to try to implent it! - Jan 03 2008

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Jan 14 2008
Thanks for the suggestion!

I tried speedcrunch some time ago and I found it a very innovative application, but I did not notice the function you mention. I will check it again as soon as I can :)
- Jan 04 2008