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DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
New method is much simpler and faster because works on WM's side and uses OpenGL and power of your graphics card.
If you want previews of minimized windows with Compiz please write feature request to Compiz developers. - Jun 03 2010
Maybe add this and this

I wrote about this as a historical reference.

Wow! Your branch has more than 20000 downloads. Cool! - Jun 03 2010
>Q: Why do you want to make Linux into a Microsoft Windows 7 clone?
Look at this
And read this

Dock-like interface is not idea of Microsoft. It was invented in 1987, long time before W7. - Jun 03 2010
You can use live priviews with Kwin instead of Compiz. It works for minimized windows. - Jun 03 2010
! - Mar 11 2010
It is impossible with current applications and gnome desktop.
I also think that we need something new instead of old tray and taskbar, but nobody wants to change it.
There is idea - Feb 21 2010
It is already possible with new dockbar 0.24.0.
I think that it will be ported to X branch shortly. - Nov 08 2009
RGBA Gtk+ module

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Feb 23 2010

Looks like Cimi not want this... - Feb 23 2010
I think we need a .gtkrc setting for transparency.
Someone should say about it to author of murrine. - Feb 23 2010
No.Ask author of murrine theme engine for this.
Turn on blur in compiz settings, it will help read text on transparent parts of windows. - Feb 23 2010
It is impossible.
export GTK_MODULES=rgba
export GTK_RGBA_APPS=gedit
(rhythmbox:14393): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to start mDNS browsing: ?????? MDNS ?? ???????
(rhythmbox:14393): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to stop mDNS browsing: ?????? MDNS ?? ???????

rhythmbox works fine - Mar 08 2009

For other try to search in /usr/lib/bonobo/server

- Mar 08 2009

DockbarX Themes 134 comments

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Jun 05 2010
Thanks for bug report! - Dec 14 2009
>PPS The 24.1 tarfile untars into 0.24 instead of 0.24.1

Really? I have 0.24.1 folder in it.
(Opened with archive manager in gnome) - Dec 14 2009
Thanks for bug report.
Ill write about it in readme in next release. - Nov 12 2009
You can write your ideas here and at - Nov 08 2009
Thanks for your comment.

a) It is already possible but not obvious.
If you really want to change icon for some app you need to change icon in gnome menu and restart dockbar ('killall' in terminal).
More clear way to do that may be a feature in next releases.
b) Please give an example. Or you want it for all apps?
c) Themeable popup is planned to next releases. - Nov 08 2009
Thanks for testing!

Please try it again, I think bug fixed. - Sep 12 2009
It is possible :)
But new plugin with dbus interface is better. - Aug 26 2009
launchpad ppa updated - Aug 14 2009
Copy to ~/.config/awn/applets
NOT just ~/.config/awn/ - Apr 22 2009
it is not possible with this compiz plugin
someone should write new plugin with dbus interface - Apr 20 2009
Thanks for bug report.
Bug fixed. - Mar 22 2009
in terminal
> launch dockbar in window:
> run-in-window
- Mar 04 2009
I dont have any problems with nautilus.

1) close all nautilus windows,
2) launch dockbar in window: run-in-window
3) open some nautilus windows
and send me console output of

Thanks! - Mar 04 2009
I dont have any problems with nautilus.

1) close all nautilus windows,
2) launch dockbar in window: run-in-window
3) open some nautilus windows
and send me console output of

Thanks! - Mar 04 2009
I dont have homepage/svn/blog/etc... for this project, only this page.

Now I work (when have free time) on bug fixes and some integration with compiz.

I do not think that dockbar should support launchers.
Look at MacOSX, there is no programs menu.
And users need launchers on dock to quickly launch applications.
MS Windows's menu have no categories and it is hard to find necessary program.
But in Gnome there is convenient application menu with categories.
I think that Gnome's menu much better than stack with applications or launchers in macosx's dock.

I have some ideas about how make launchers with using gio.GAppInfo.
But not all parts of gio has bindings in python (or i can't find it).

You can upload your code to any fileshare service and give me link.

Thanks! - Feb 18 2009
Transparency and floating panels are standard gnome-panel things.
They are controlled by settings of panel, not applet.

So, you can switch transparency off and/or attach panel to any edge.

(Right click on the panel->preferences) - Feb 02 2009
and virtical panels too - Feb 01 2009
I know how to make scalable icons, and working on it and some bugs.
But have no free time.

Please wait! - Feb 01 2009
* better - Jan 21 2009
I do not know the best way to find. - Jan 21 2009
It already uses pictures from a theme. (Tries more precisely)
The icon in a theme is searched by name of group.
But it is not always possible to find, since the icon in a theme can have other name. - Jan 21 2009
Just replace /usr/bin/ with new one, and:
- logout/login or
- restart gnome panel: killall gnome-panel

New version has applet handle, so now you can drag and remove applet. - Jan 19 2009
Where can i fond gnome-panel applet docs? - Jan 18 2009
thanks! - Jan 18 2009
Sorry, a just mix "AGES" with other word :DDDDDDDDDDD
Sorry for bad English :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD - Jan 18 2009
What is AGES? - Jan 18 2009

Various Gnome Stuff 39 comments

by M7S
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Jan 16 2010
You read my mind. I also thought about it. - Apr 07 2009
Task Dock Applet (deb package)

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Jan 30 2009
It's great!
And it's like window-picker-applet
(avaible in ubuntu as "window-picker-applet 0.1". dont know about other distribs) - Feb 01 2009