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Alessandro Roncone Sestri Levante, Italy

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Jul 28 2013
Thanks! I too love more the grayish version rather than the colored one. I just thought that probably a color refresh would have been well received by the users! Anyhow, I promise not to forget the monochrome version at all :) - Aug 06 2013

I know you! You're mariano gaudix on google plus, am I right? I'm Alessandro Roncone, the awoken developer and the guy who commented to your last g+ post. Your work is great! As soon as you'll release also a dark version, I'll be the first to try it! :) - Jul 30 2013
If you give me a bit more feedback, I can help you ;) - Mar 25 2013
Done. And please don't spam on multiple platforms. - Mar 25 2013
Oh nice!

So can I add this to the AwOken description? I think that this could be very useful for some users! :)

A question though: does the customization script work properly when using your package? - May 30 2012
Sorry but I didn't understand: you created packages for opensuse? If so, what an opensuse user (assuming he is a super noob who doesn't know anything) would have to do to get AwOken installed on his machine? - May 29 2012
Added nightingale in my to-do list for the next version :) - May 08 2012
Could you post a screenshot?
I thought I did vpn icon :) - Mar 28 2012
The color/no color options unfortunately doesn't manage all the icons (even if it handle most of them). But to what folder type are you referring?

PS: do you like new awoken folders? - Feb 29 2012
The problem is exactly the previous, ie when you launch the script, it launches zenity but zenity output is not "standard", and it's different from the output that the script expected.
For example, if I run from terminal this command (this is the command that I use to show the first window dialog):

zenity --info --title="$ICNSTG $VER Customization script" --text="***********************************************************************************************\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t<b>$ICNST $VER CUSTOMIZATION SCRIPT</b>\n\nThanks for choosing $ICNST iconset, and welcome to the latest version of $ICNST customization script.\n\nSince the ever growing nature of this software, it's more than welcome any notification of any bug you will (surely) find.\nIf so, please send me a mail to <i>''</i>, trying to explain briefly the problem you encountered. If necessary (as often is), be sure to attach the whole terminal output, so I can easily manage the issue.\n\n***********************************************************************************************\n\nIf you like efforts that i put in this work, or you think that I'm a nice guy, or that anyway I deserve a contribution, please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to <i>''</i>.\n\n***********************************************************************************************\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t Click the Close button to continue."

and then I click on the "close" button, the terminal output returns nothing. If you do the same, the terminal output is instead different (and I think is something like this -> "progname=zenity; RGBA=on"). So the script can't run correctly since it cannot parse properly zenity output!

The only thing you can do for now is to run the script without the GUI. But to do this you can either hard-code the customization script (but I think this could be both overwhelming and dangerous), or you remove zenity from /usr/bin (so the script can run without it).

Maybe from next version I'll add a flag to handle this thing, but for now this is the only solution. - Feb 29 2012
I'm sorry but this can't be done from an iconset itself. you should hardcode the icontheme (and if you want I can tell you how), but it's difficult to achieve anyway!

The best thing you can do is to decrease dash transparency so the icons should be more contrasted than the background :) - Feb 28 2012
No problem. I'm glad you solved by yourself! :) - Feb 28 2012
And actually you're right man. But installing the script in .icons requires some sudo commands (as I stated in the description). Did you do them right? - Feb 26 2012
Thanks man, I really appreciated your message since it means that you are aware about how many efforts I put in this project!

For the icon, I will surely do it! Just wait for the next version! :) - Feb 26 2012
did you run the script with "sudo"? - Feb 26 2012
I actually think the same. The error you posted seems related to a zenity bug rather than a bug in the iconset. A couple of questions though:

1. what did you do when you got that error?
2. what version of gnome does solusos ship? gnome2 or gnome3? - Feb 25 2012
Could you please tell me what you exactly were doing and post the whole terminal output?

PS: did you install them using ppa or deviantart download? - Feb 25 2012

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Jul 28 2013
Thanks, thanks, thanks! Really appreciated :D - Aug 06 2013
My problem is that I have to pack three different iconsets, so they're packed in three .tar.gz archives inside a single .zip. Obviously, the .zip is not a valid theme file, but the three independent .tar.gz are valid. Try to add them instead of the bigger one!

Regarding your issues:

1. you have to copy the files to /usr/bin, not /usr/lib :)

2. Kde has some problems with rendering small icons. But this can easily be the case of missing icons in my iconset! Can you please share a screenshot? - Mar 25 2013
Wait. Something came in my mind: what do you EXACTLY do to install these icons? - Mar 29 2012
I actually hate the way kde manages themes. Anyhow, what distro are you using? - Mar 29 2012
Have you tried to re-download the icon theme? - Mar 28 2012
Unfortunately no. This is a stupid thing (since to get something well integrated you have to change both tray icons and system icons), but is this way that kde uses from kde4. So you should ask to the creator of the plasma theme :) - Feb 26 2012
The tray is not handled by the icon theme, but by the plasma theme, so I have no idea about how to solve your problem :)

PS: maybea screenshot could be helpful :) - Feb 26 2012

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May 09 2012
Ok that is the old theme. There should be a folder in it in which you can see the old themes and stuff, and instructions about how to reproduce them :) - Aug 14 2012
Do you want the old version of the GTK2 theme or the newer one? - Aug 14 2012
Gracias hombre!! :) - May 16 2012
Isn't the same with my theme? - May 10 2012
Could you post a screenshot in which I can understand better your meaning? - May 09 2012
For skype (gksu apps are not meant to use a theme) you have to go to ~/.themes/GrayRevenge/gtk-2.0/gtrc and change the value of "selected_bg_color:" (line #7) :) - May 07 2012
I'm actually doing something different right now so I suppose that on this theme I will do only fixes. But if you want to do something by your own, just go to ~/.themes/GrayRevenge/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and change the value for "theme_selected_bg_color" with whatever you want. Then logout/login. Does this change the color? - May 07 2012
Thanks mate! I'm sooo glad you appreciated my efforts! - May 06 2012
Also light themes exist. And this is actually not a dark theme, but a mixture of dark and light. Gray revenge says all :) - May 05 2012
Sorry for the late reply but I have some problems. Even if I think that you has moved to other themes, are you experiencing this problem now? The issue is surely related to some missing engines (probably equinox) - Feb 10 2012
A New Start

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Dec 09 2011
Problem is that this theme isn't updated for 3.4 yet. I will directly to 3.6 version, so stay tuned with next gnome release since I will release the update in a week or two! :) - Aug 14 2012
It's in the description: you need to colorize the icons with 99/15/00 color combination. If you don't know how to do it, simply read the installation and instructions file that comes with awoken icon set. - May 22 2012
I'm working on it! But unfortunately it's more difficult than I thought :( - May 22 2012
Unfortunately, I have to update it for ubuntu 12.04, so wait a bit until I do this! In the meanwhile, these next two days I'll upload the porting of GrayRevenge for GNOME 3.4/Ubuntu 12.04. If you want, give it a try! :) - May 01 2012
Actually it's a good point, and your suggestion is basically the smartest idea to solve this problem. But, even though this shouldn't be difficult from a pure image approach (I have only to mirror images from the left to the right), I actually don't know how to tell to the window manager when using one layout rather than the other one. I'm sorry, but I think that this is the best I can achieve :( - Feb 13 2012
I completely agree with you, but the problem itself is that I never experienced such an issue. On my machine was not needed to do so, the problem never revealed.
So I'm guessing if your problem is actually different (but anyhow you solved it changing titlebar buttons), or it is what you explained before but my default configuration overcame it for reasons that I ignore.
So, if it's the former case, probably the best thing is doing nothing (since your problem is not so common); if it's the latter case, I should really do what you suggested me since it's my solution that is not so common!
I actually don't know what to do :) - Feb 11 2012
Sorry for the late reply but I had some problems :(

Anyhow, I'm glad you solved, but I didn't understand well since your image is no more in minus servers I think :( - Feb 10 2012
Thanks to you! :P - Feb 10 2012
They are new AwOken folders. I'll add them from the next release of AwOken icon set! :) - Feb 10 2012
GNOME shell - ANewStart

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Dec 09 2011
Thanks man! :) - Jan 24 2012
AwOken folders

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Dec 03 2011
Thanks! :) - Jan 24 2012
A New Start BLOOD

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Dec 20 2011
Could you post me gnome-shell version, and unico engine version? - Jan 01 2012
And what happened in the meanwhile? Did you install all the engines? Could you post what I asked before? - Jan 01 2012
ok let's try something harder. Post the output of:

ls ~/.themes
ls /usr/share/themes
ls ~/.themes/ANewStartBlood
ls /usr/share/themes/ANewStartBlood - Dec 24 2011
You don't have to move the theme to "/usr/share/themes", just move the theme to "~/.themes"!

So do this and cancell al your previous attempts. Now, in your .themes folder you should have a folder called "ANewStartBlood", and inside it you should have these folders:

gnome-shell gtk-2.0 gtk-3.0 metacity-1 unity

and the file ANewStartBlood.desktop

Now, what do you mean with "Advanced Settings"? Gnome-tweak-tool? - Dec 23 2011
kAwOken for KDE - preview

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Jul 23 2011
I'll work on it! Even I not all icons can be replaced (and this might be the case), I'll try to do it! :) - Dec 23 2011

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elementary NG

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