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Adam Geitgey
WallPapr Flickr Wallpaper Auto-switcher

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Oct 19 2005
It downloads the slideshow photos from your photo collection at It doesn't use files on your local machine (although it does cache the files). That's the whole point of this.

If you have a large library of photos on (or have friends who do), you can automatically have those images used as a slideshow on your desktop.I f you aren't familiar with, this probably won't be too interesting to you.

Also, it shows you the file descriptions, camera information, etc. - Oct 19 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 65 comments

by timb
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Feb 16 2009
This looks great, but the download link isn't working. The file seems to be missing. I'd love to try it out. - Apr 19 2005

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Nov 16 2004
To fix the bug? No, thats easy.

To make it work on both pre-KDE 3.2 (which breaks with the patch) and KDE 3.2+ (which needs the patch), on many KDE installation variations (SuSE, Mandrake, Redhat, Debian, Gentoo, etc etc), and to make it always compile in the correct fixes depending on the system? Yes, that really is hard.

We don't have 50 machines to install every distro on or time to test all configurations. But I think we should have it worked out by the next release for most everyone.

Why don't you tell us why it wasn't fixed on your particular distro/kde version/etc? Feedback on how to fix it on a setup we have no way to test is a lot better than complaining each time we make a release with it still broken on your system :)


Adam - Jul 25 2004
Because of the big KDE changes between 8.x and 9.1, you are far better off to compile it yourself (if you can - its not too hard) or waiting until someone makes an up-to-date RPM for SuSE 9.1. It should not be long. - Jul 13 2004
The SuperKaramba site has an RPM on it now just for FC2 users :) The issue will be resolved permanently in the near future. - Jul 13 2004
This issue seems to be a problem with the build scripts detecting the KDE version on Fedora Core 2. This will be fixed soon, but there is a Fedora Core 2 RPM linked on the site now that already works.


Adam - Jul 13 2004
Why is that? - Jul 13 2004
No, but it will be added as a command line option in the next version most likely. - Jul 13 2004
It will be available as soon as sourceforge can copy it to the mirror sites.... be patient :) - Jul 13 2004
It's a road in Tarragona, Spain. It's just a picture that I took. I'm surprised how many have asked for it. Sorry, it is not available anywhere. - Nov 25 2003
try 0.32b. it adds python 2.3 support. - Sep 13 2003
Yes, don't install the mandrake RPM as you did. Install a Redhat RPM. - Sep 12 2003
I certainly wouldn't complain if everyone else dropped their projects and wanted to help me out :) I was just saying that you shouldn't expect that to happen :) - Sep 06 2003
Just to clarify again:

KarambaR doesn't have any scripting at all as far as I know. It's much simpler right now than SuperKaramba (i'm not implying that is a bad thing). For example, there is no way you could do an exact copy of most of the popular SuperKaramba themes in KarambaR (Liquid Weather ++, any of the task bars, etc) because KarambaR just doesn't support all the needed features.

And what do you mean by "with all specs based only on QT and KDE"? SuperKaramba is based only on Qt and KDE. In fact, SuperKaramba uses much more of the KDE api (task management, systray, etc) than KarambaR does. The only extra requirement that SuperKaramba has is that you have python installed when you compile it. If you compile SK a certain way, you wouldn't even need python installed on users' computers (who install from an RPM or deb or whatever). - Sep 05 2003
Thanks for the comments. Don't worrry, I know you are just commenting and aren't trying to tell us how to do things :)

KarambaR's theme editor is cool, but it's not exactly how I want SuperKaramba's theme editor to work. There will be a SuperKaramba theme editor. I just haven't had time to write it yet. But at the same time, you can't just take the KarambaR editor and slap it into SuperKaramba if it doesn't really do what you want (wasn't designed with python scripts in mind).

So basically, SuperKaramba and KarambaR both began life as Karamba. But merging them isn't neccesarily productive from a programming point of view. It would be way more work than just adding whatever features KarambaR might have to SuperKaramba by hand. I've written (and others contributed) far more code to SuperKaramba than there was original Karamba code. Just because SK and KarambaR came from the same original source doesn't mean they are still compatible in source code terms. You can't just drag and drop functions from one to the other.

I totally understand why you think that there should be one clear leader. But what do you want, one of us to just stop working and delete all existance of our creation? :) I think that users will pick the one they like the best and that will probably be the "leader". And if 30 more "karamba clones" pop up, that isn't a Bad Thing. It just means there is more competition and the "winner(s)" will be better programs for it.

In the world of free software, you can't kill a project because it is not "popular", because sales don't equal further development. You kill a project when the developer(s) give up or lose interest.

As for the other question, there is nothing wrong with using XML for the file format (like Konfabulator and gDesklets do). If I was involved in the first month or two of Karamba development, I might have used XML (because I would be too lazy to write my own parser). But what is the compelling reason to switch right now and thus break every single existing theme? And I think XML is a lot more cumbersome to edit by hand than what we have now. What is the reason you want XML so bad?

Maybe when the theme creator is finished (so you won't edit by hand anymore), I will switch to XML. It isn't a huge change to the code to do so.

XML is a buzz word. It does help in certain areas (program interoperability), but that doesn't mean having XML in SK makes SK a better program at this stage of development. Don't believe the hype :) - Sep 05 2003
hah yeah i think you are the only person who uses 12 desktops :)

Anyway, I will fix the more than 10 desktop bug and also add the ability to put a theme on some, but not all desktops.

Thanks. - Sep 05 2003
thanks, i'm glad the fix was successful :) - Sep 04 2003
Yes, if one of the following two things happens:

Mandrake releases 9.2. I upgrade and thus have a python 2.3 box to test on.


Someone else submits a patch :)

I don't have python 2.3 to test with right now. But I would love to add python 2.3 support. - Sep 04 2003
Only linux is supported right now. That's simply because I don't have any freebsd boxes here to test SK right now. I wish I could help. Maybe try asking on some other freebsd-focused help forums. - Sep 04 2003
By the way, what do you mean it is "completely in C++?"

SuperKaramba is completely in C++. It's not written in python at all. All of the karamba methods you can call from python are implemented directly in C++. SuperKaramba embeds a python interpreter so you can control your widget, but SK is definately completely written in C++.

Just clarifying. - Sep 04 2003
What does replica do that you can't do in SK? SK can do a whole lot more than KarambaR. I'm sure KarambaR is a great program. It's just got a different focus than SK.

The theme creator is kind of neat, but it's not really WYSIWYG. I definately plan to do a real SK theme editor at some point, but I want to do it more like the way Qt Designer works.

Please don't everyone yell at us to merge. We are giving you cool toys for free and asking nothing in return. I've worked many, many hours on SuperKaramba. The KarambaR guy is designing what he thinks is cool and I'm designing what I think is cool. Suggestions are welcome, but patches are much better :) - Sep 04 2003
doh, thats what I get for running my laptop in 1400x1050 and forgetting that a small little window on my screen is not so small :) I have a UI background from my comp sci education and I fully understand the accessability issues. But then again SK is a UI nightmare anyway heh..

I guess I'll simplify the startup window in the next version and shrink it down.


I didn't that the gnome talk seriously. The guy who said karamba sucked really had some valid complaints about the original karamba but didn't really seem to understand superkaramba's architecture. karamba does "suck" only because it was a new program that was never really out of beta testing (Hans still rules for writing it!). Thats the whole point of SuperKaramba, to make karamba into something much more capable. Once I add full multithreading, taskbar support, some other random features, and then seriously clean up the code, SuperKaramba will be awesome. Then my next plan is to make a sweet gui theme editor... - Aug 25 2003
They are ready. Sorry for the delay. - Jul 07 2003
Upgrade to KDE 3.1. - Jul 07 2003
The module karamba only exists inside SuperKaramba's python interpreter. It doesn't exist in your system's regular python interpreter.

Don't run your python script by hand. Create a file called mytheme.theme and define the basic theme stuff (size, location, etc) then create and write your python code there. Then to test it, run "superkaramba mytheme.theme" and your python code will automatically be run.

I hope that makes sense. - Jul 07 2003
This should be fixed in 0.28.

Thanks. - Jun 24 2003
the api is back! (at least partially).

Check the website.

Some dude deleted the whole website and I had to rebuild it from scratch. - May 11 2003
Thats due to the fact that I'm a lazy bastard. - May 11 2003
Dashboard Calculator

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Jul 15 2004
If you right click on the theme and lock it, it will be single click. This is the same for any other SK theme. - Jul 16 2004
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008
Heh.. Actually last August I graduated from college (university for you Euro-people) and now I have a job in the "real world". I've just been busy lately.

But don't worry, there are things in store for SuperKaramba in the near future. Hint: I've been invited to move development onto the KDE servers and make it part of KDE. - Jan 19 2004
Like Matt said, if you don't like it, don't use it. There are over 10,000 downloads, so someone likes it. If that is not you, then move along. Nothing to see here.

Not everyone likes the same thing. It's ok - I promise. - Sep 06 2003
Just saying "it doesn't work" isn't enough information for anyone to help you.

Did you recompile superkaramba after you upgraded? Are you using an RPM that may or may not work with KDE 3.1.3? Does superkaramba give any error messages? Any other information that might be helpful?

thanks. - Sep 05 2003
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes 280 comments

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Mar 10 2008
I just installed the mandrake 9.2 rpm and added the line to ~/.gtkrc-2.0.

It's still buggy obviously, but wow! I started up gaim using Plastik and was amazed!

Keep up the awesome work! - Jan 04 2004
Karamba Replica

Karamba & Superkaramba 22 comments

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Sep 03 2003
Sure, everyone working on one program might result in faster development. The problem is convincing everyone to work on a single program :)

I mean look at KDE and GNOME. Why are there two entire desktop environments that basically replicate the exact same thing? Well, there are two because some people like programming in plain C using callbacks (GNOME) and some people like programming in C++ using OOP and signals (KDE). Some people are sticklers for LGPL and GNU (GNOME) and some people are satisfied with plain GPL (KDE).

So yes, one super desktop environment would probably be better. But you can't assume you could have ever made the people from the other project come work on your project, unless you start paying them :) For every successful open source project, there is another one written by people who for whatever reason disagree with how the first one is written. Linux and FreeBSD, KDE and Gnome, Gaim and Kopete, XMMS and Noatun, etc. etc. :) - Sep 05 2003
BOSSoNe is here making a great program for free for you to enjoy. If he wanted to merge with SuperKaramba, he probably wouldn't have worked on this by himself. Instead, he would have just contributed to SuperKaramba.

If he does have some interest in merging, then he can email me and we can talk about it. But if he doesn't, please don't complain :) Let's let him do what he wants and continue to release cool programs :) - Sep 04 2003
Super SuperKaramba

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Sep 18 2003
This doesn't do anything new for the user. This looks like it is a library that SK programmers can use to make writing SK themes easier. It's not incompatible with or competeing with SuperKaramba. If you are just a user, it's probably not for you.

(note, this is just what i gather from the description. I didn't write SSK). - Sep 05 2003
awesome name! i'm glad someone got the joke hehe - Sep 04 2003
SuperKaramba Mandrake 9.1 RPM

Karamba & Superkaramba 28 comments

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Sep 04 2003
Link fixed.

Btw, I don't know if the cycling bug is fixed yet :) I hope someone can confirm that. - Sep 04 2003
To all those above, this RPM is for Mandrake 9.1 only. It won't work in Mandrake 9.0 because KDE/QT is too old. The source probably won't work either. Upgrade to kde 3.1/qt 3.11 and it should work fine. - Jun 24 2003
You didn't include the error message. You need to paste in the line above the first Error line so I can see what the error was :) Thanks. - Jun 24 2003
fixed. thanks for the info. - Jun 17 2003
Please post the output from rpm. There shouldn't be any perl dependencies.

You can try rpm -Uvh superkaramba*25*rpm -nodeps in the mean time. - May 13 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 15 comments

by ntesa
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Aug 30 2003
Works great! Good job. - Aug 31 2003
KDE panel background manager

Various Stuff 44 comments

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Sep 21 2003
You don't have to "cut" out part of the wallpaper by hand. KDE has a built in class that does all this for you. It is called KRootPixmap and it will automatically fake a transparent background for you. Check out the KDE developer docs for more info. - Aug 17 2003
Quanta+ 3.1.2 Splash

Various Stuff 11 comments

by luci
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Jul 10 2003
Your splash screen looks great, but the tag line (Making the web development easy way) doesn't make any sense. I'm not trying to point out your mistake. I'm just letting you know so you can change it. But most KDE programs don't include tag lines like that in splash screens anyway because they can't be translated. Maybe there is a way to remove it all together? Just an idea. - Jul 09 2003
Super Karamba Sound Mixer

Karamba & Superkaramba 11 comments

by sick
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Aug 01 2003
The patch required to use this theme will be included in SuperKaramba 0.29 and higher as soon as it is released. - Jul 07 2003
Wireless Strength Meter for SuperKaramba

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Jun 30 2003
I'm using the Bluecurve (Freecurve) widget style and Luxi Sans 12 for my general font. - Jun 30 2003
Cleanbar kicker replacement

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

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Aug 24 2003
it's loaded in the python file, not the .theme file. Look in the pics subdirectory, find the start image, and then just save a new one over it. - Jun 03 2003
Top Panel Drop Shadow

Karamba & Superkaramba 11 comments

by ntesa
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May 21 2003
someone has a mac/konfabulator fetish ;)

nice screenshot. - May 21 2003
MacOSX Docker

Karamba & Superkaramba 62 comments

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May 12 2003
I just tried the latest version of MacOSX Bar and it is great!

I'm amazed at the functionality. It's actually useful :)

Keep up the great work! - May 12 2003