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adam russ

Conky by adamruss 3 comments

can anyone suggest a good site to put a 16mb file on? - Sep 04 2009
My Clean Gnome

Gnome Screenshots by adamruss 2 comments

icon theme: mashup - Aug 18 2009
Weather Wallpaper Plugin

Plasma 4 Extensions by jmthomas 37 comments

well, in order to use conky with transparancy i need to use 'feh', in order to use 'feh' i need the path to the wallpaper image, where does the plugin write it to? the current wallpaper?

thanks - Aug 12 2009

Conky by meek 126 comments

for some reason pidign was d/l currupted images from msn/facebook, this killed the screenlet, i had to fix this by adding these lines:

iconPixbuf = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(iconPath)
except GError:
iconPixbuf = self.icons["buddy"]["default"]

instead of line 349 in - Jul 24 2009
Rhythmbox Desktop Art

Audio Apps by nedrebo 14 comments

cant download for a long time allready - Nov 14 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

Various Gnome Stuff by qb89dragon 381 comments

i've made an arch pkg for this:

could you send me the buttons templates so i can make an Archlinux button? - Jun 15 2008