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Cpu Frequency Selector Ruby

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May 01 2010
It's ruby, so there isn't _much_ I can do about a leak, but anyway, there has been yet another port of this plasmoid to C++ (I know - first python, then ruby, and now C++.)

You can find it in playground on kde's svn server, unless they've since moved it.

In C++ I have explicit control over the memory, and there are no problems like this. - May 09 2009
This is very odd, you sure you're not running it as sudo? It shouldn't be installed by root. - Feb 14 2009
Not entirely true, Updates do seem to fail. Fresh installs seem alright.
To update: in a console type:
cd /tmp/kde-YOURUSERNAME
plasmapkg -r 92573-cpufreq.plasmoid
plasmapkg -i 92573-cpufreq.plasmoid - Dec 26 2008
I upgraded to 4.2b2 myself, found out it doesn't actually fail, just says it did. All is fine. Make sure to upgrade to the latest version for all the bugfixes, especially that one giant core bug that made it not work when people selected certain speeds.
If it's a button - it's an old version. Download from here, or GHNS whenever it syncs. - Dec 26 2008

Warning! I've had reports of this plasmoid package failing to install in KDE 4.2 from get hot new stuff (right click on desktop, add widget, Install new widgets, from internet). If you are one of these cases, please remove the failed installed version, then download the package, then use in a console: plasmapkg -i xxxx-cpufreq.plasmoid
And it should work. Thank you.

****************************** - Dec 23 2008
I don't know what I changed but after uninstalling and reinstalling some packages, all of a sudden the script was erroring saying "mainscript" not found (after installing the plasmoid you can debug it from the command line with plasmoidviewer ruby-cpufreq), I made a couple softlinks and added them to the new release, they solve it for me.
If you do have problems, I and many others would appreciate it if you run it in plasmoidviewer and copy/paste the errors here. I will get around to fixing it. - Dec 22 2008
The dependencies should all be listed, the Ruby bindings should all be in the 4.1x tree, the python stuff however is a kde backport to 4.1x tree so it wasn't always there. Doesn't mean every distro included ruby bindings when 4.1x was released, bindings are optional.

Ubuntu supports the python version out of the box, but the python version was buggy for me, buggy bindings. The exact same code in ruby had no bugs with positioning and sometimes not starting after login/logout. (k)Ubuntu version needs the ruby bindings for kde4.1 in place (Listed in the description)

Also, you need to enable the cpu frequency scaling modules with the kernel (It's easy for those who may be scared), hint: /etc/modules and cpufreq - Dec 17 2008
Cpu Frequency Selector

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May 01 2010
The bug that has since been fixed in the ruby applet where frequencies like 1.65ghz will not work DOES exist in this python version. It's not a hard fix, but I am no longer maintaining the python ver and dedicating all my "work" to the ruby version. This core logic bug and many other bugs have been fixed in the ruby version. Please use that if at all possible. - Dec 27 2008
This applet depends on python-plasma and pyqt4 libraries, and python of course. - Oct 31 2008
Anyone want to add policykit support? ^^

It could also use a nice dataengine for getting governors and cpu frequencies, but none exists yet afaik. - Oct 31 2008