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Tab Counter

Falkon Extensions by sgorava
Shows the number of opened tabs in the current window in the toolbar. [url=]Introducing Tab Counter an extension for Falkon[/url]
falkon counter tabs addon
5 .0
Aug 31 2020

Inspector Window

Falkon Extensions by assassin
Open Web inspector in new window. Requires PyFalkon plug-in to be enabled in Falkon.
addon falkon browser extension
5 .0
Aug 15 2019


Falkon Extensions by sgorava
Transform webpage to easy reading. Based on QupZilla Readability plugin written by Jaroslav Bambas.
addon readability reader
5 .0
Jun 20 2019

Bookmarks Button

Falkon Extensions by assassin
A bookmarks button, which can be placed in the tool-bar. Requires PyFalkon plug-in to be enabled in Falkon.
falkon browser bookmarks extension addon
6 .0
Jul 19 2019

Toolbar Tools

Falkon Extensions by sgorava
Add spacers and separators to Falkon toolbar.
toolbar spacer separator addon
5 .0
Jun 26 2019


Falkon Extensions by sgorava
Unload unused tab after set time. Optionally close unloaded tabs after set time.
unload tab automatic close addon
5 .0
Jun 28 2019

Bottom Tab

Falkon Extensions by sgorava
Show tabbar at the bottom of the window.
bottom tabs tabbar addon
5 .0
Jun 04 2019

Tek-Phase Theme

Falkon Themes by phases
Falkon web browser theme A dark coloured tech theme with neon highlights.
addon falkon theme dark-theme
5 .0
May 30 2019

Example Extension

Falkon Extensions by nowrep
Example minimal extension. Should be used only as a reference for creating new Falkon extensions and uploading them to KDE Store.
falkon extension addon
6 .0
Apr 19 2019

Brightness Dimmer

Falkon Extensions by assassin
Set the view less bright or distinct. Requires PyFalkon plug-in to be enabled in Falkon.
addon falkon browser brightness dimmer extension
5 .0
Jun 19 2019