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5 .0

Inverse kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop.

In this repository you'll find:

Aurorae Themes
Kvantum Themes
Plasma Color Schemes
Plasma Desktop Themes
Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings

Inverse-dark Aurorae Theme:

Inverse-dark Sddm Theme:

Inverse-dark Color Theme:

Inverse-dark Wallpaper:

Inverse-dark Global Theme:
Reversal icon theme:
Last changelog:

2020.08.13 2 months ago

Changes to ICONS, styles, etc

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2020.08.13 2 months ago

Changes to ICONS, styles, etc

2020.05.21 4 months ago

Fix lock screen black screen problem
Some icon color changes

2020.04.10 6 months ago

Icons, angle, color adjustments

2020.03.22 6 months ago

Updated the color appearance of the prompt icon

2020.03.07 7 months ago

Some color adjustments

2020.02.20 8 months ago

Modifying a system icon
Modify the network to select a color

2020.02.10 8 months ago

Redo some System icon
Adjust the color scale
Add new wallpapers

2020.02.02 8 months ago

Redo part of the System icon

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Apr 08 2020
Feb 11 2020
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