Ninja by Don5318 for Gnome gtk 3.22/24/26 Theme pack

GTK3 Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


Regrettably, I have made the decision to cease making any themes Specifically for Gnome. This includes Gnome Shell themes. I will leave what is currently uploaded up. However, there will be no more theming done for the Gnome Desktop Environment forward from 11 Feb 2020. I will not be updating uploaded Gnome-shell themes from this date forward.
The CSD standard of Gnome makes theming Gnome- In This Style- exceptionally difficult and sloppy. I attempted to make a stand against it by creating Gnome Themes that clearly resist the Gnome Vision. But resist is all they can do. Many flat or multicolored themes work well in Gnome. However for themes that use imagery, depth, and skeuomorphism, Gnome just will not work out.
Gnome wanted to ensure they could protect their brand image- they have succeeded.
Good luck.

Don5318 made this theme for windowblinds and I asked his permission to offer it here in Linux. He kindly granted it.
You can see his amazing work (For Windows OS) here:

--Update: removed ugly top border line on top of the headerbar. Smoothed it out to be one normal crisp line at the top.

I have made this theme to be GTK2 and GTK3 compatible. This is slightly modified from Don5318's original.
There is no set icon theme for this window theme. So I modified the CopperDeckEX set slightly since it seems to match this a bit.
In this version, inactive windows fade the titlebuttons and three distinct lines appear on the side tabs, allowing you to easily differentiate your active window from multiple windows open.
All side tabs stick out (top and bottom)on XFCE using XFWM4 Window manager.
For gtk apps, only the top tabs stick out.

PLEASE NOTE: The Applications Menu you see in the screenshots is a Custom Rig that pretty much only works on my computer. It is built with Graeme Gotts WhiskerMenu version 1.5 and Python. It is not included in this package.

To Install:
Extract the downloaded .ZIP file into your ~/downloads folder.
Extract Ninja-copperdeckModicons.tar.gz to your ~/.icons folder. You can then select it from your settings.
Extract ninja.tar.gz to your /usr/share/themes folder with Root Permissions (Or, you can extract it to ~/.theme folder). You can then select it from your Theme Appearance Settings.
Apply Gnome-Shell with gnome-tweaks.


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