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Score 60.0%

Ultra version for blurry desktops released, Contrast Effect disabled until corner artifacts are fixed.

A modified version of Breeze Dark that tries to be minimal with smaller, readable task indicators on icons.

Suggestions and critiques are welcome and desired to determine which assets need to be adjusted. Try the Experimental version of the theme if you would like to give some feedback!

Changes to Breeze:
-More responsive task indicators
-Continued accented wire-frame icon theme
-Made internet/bt tray info more readable instead of less
-Several minor improvements to clarity

-Button/slider highlights may never be the same color as system highlights because the hint for displaying highlights about the base are only available in the "lineedit" asset
-Button highlights in ultra and similar themes will continue to be cutoff in certain menus until they are layered properly by the system
-Sliders have fewer states and thus cannot behave consistently with buttons
-Taskbar orientation for the top may never be fixed due to the same asset being used for the tabs in volume, networks, etc.
Last changelog:

3.1.9 1 month ago

Fixed versioning scheme that was confusing users.


2 months ago

Best theme ever! How can I change everything to black instead of grey?




2 months ago

It sounds like you're using the Testing version with a light color scheme. That version doesn't include a colors file so it will use whichever Color Scheme you have enabled in system settings. If you switch it to Breeze Dark or another dark color scheme like Sweet, it should become dark. The Ultra version is forced dark by default and probably is what you are looking for. If you still have problems, let me know.



2 months ago

10 10 the best
Just like windows 10.
Finnaly I got that, thank you so much!




2 months ago

Glad to hear you liked it!
Let me know if you run into any problems with it


3.1.9 1 month ago

Fixed versioning scheme that was confusing users.

3.1.9 Update 1 month ago

Realized that the contrast effect causes problems

Changes in ultra:
- Contrast Effect disabled because of the dark artifacts it creates in the corners of menus or panels

+ Adjusted menu items to look consistent now that the Contrast Effect is disabled

? Black wallpaper support may suffer
? There are likely new issues with this release as a result of the changes
? Similar artifacts can still occur under certain conditions, though they will be lighter in color

3.1.8 Update 1 month ago

Messed around with transparency and blur to improve consistency

Changes in ultra:
+ Strengthened contrast effect for better looking color spreading
+ Increased button transparency
+ Increased textbox transparency
+ Increased panel and menu transparency and darkened them more

Quick Fix 2 months ago

+ Fixed button that had hardcoded colors meaning all themes should now be able to adapt to any color scheme provided you remove the colors file. The ultra version will unfortunately not work well with white themes as the assets have been manually darkened. Besides this, the only issue with changing color schemes with the themes is that the Contrast Effect's presets (found in the metadata.desktop file) may cause the panel and menus to look gray when switching to a light color schemes.

1.8.8, 3.1.2, and 3.2.2 Update 2 months ago

Clock and rounded edges added. Old files replaced, may need to download theme again.

Changes to basic:
+ Clock widget now inherits theme colors
+ Eased up on shadow strength

Changes in ultra in addition to basic:
+ Fixed buttons that were missing hints
+ Rounded the edges of some menus and tooltips
+ Made slightly darker
? Contrast may be lost
! Plasma has issues with blur and the corners of menu items may appear black or white instead of rounded
! Plasma draws menus directly over rounded corners of a panel which results in an aesthetically poor experience with discontinuous menus

Changes in testing in addition to ultra:
? Disabled contrast effect which may result in a new experience; will need feedback

1.8.6, 3.0.0, and 3.0.5 Update 2 months ago

Smaller refinements and polishing done.

Changes to basic:
+ Gave buttons shadows like the rest of the system has
+ Changed battery icon for better contrast
+ Made more modern-looking KDE Connect icon
+ Changed phone icon as well

Changes in ultra:
+ fixed mix-up with testing's tasks asset

Changes in testing:
+ Tried to make KDE Connect icon look more "connect," icon may be too cluttered
? Testing inverted blur to improve contrast
? Compatibility with other dark themes may be somewhat improved

1.7.2, 2.9.4, and 2.9.6 Update 2 months ago

Changes in classic:
+ updated to breeze's new keyboard icon
+ imported rounded headers in tray menus
+ scrollbar expands when hovered over, like in the rest of the system
+ (tried) to add shadows to tray menus
+ imported ultra's accented selection (seen on BT and Network items)

Changes in ultra:
+ imported testing's 1px highlight on buttons/checkboxes, sliders, textboxes
+ tweaked Contrast Effect so blur would let more color through
+ imported testing's dark highlight for menu items

Changes in testing:
+ adjusted Contrast Effect to dangerous levels
+ try this theme with other dark color schemes

- removed separator texture that also appears at the top, just under the titles, of context menus

Testing 1.6.8 2 months ago

+ new slider icon
+ taskbar now lets tasks take up the full height
+ task indicators have modified margins so app icons don't shrink as much
+ system elements have 1px outlines and 1px hover highlights instead of washed out colors
+ spinner slimmed down to give a 1px border between notification icon
+ checkmarks modified for clarity

? blur handled better, but not best

- printer icon still not tested on hi-dpi screens
- still cannot figure out how to use the function that lets lineedit correctly render highlight above base
- checkmarks are poorly spaced

product-maker blurp Jul 26 2019 10 the best
10 the best Just like windows 10. Finnaly I got that, thank you so much!
product-maker Base: 4 x 5.0 Ratings
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