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The main credit belongs to the maker of Conky-Colors (

I have modified the config file, which was created by Conky-Colors, to fit my needs better. I thought there might be others who possibly like my customizations.

You'll need the package "libqt4-dbus" (Debian based distros) and an extra script to make the Amarok section run (see attachment). Make sure to adjust the path to the script in the config file.
The used font is mainly 'Droid'. Simply install the package 'ttf-droid'. Moreover you'll need the font 'OpenLogos' to display the logo of your distro left of the kernel version (in my config it's 'u' for Ubuntu).

Also you might want to change the opacity of the background: "own_window_argb_value" controls this.
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0.1 First version
0.2 Improved readability

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