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With this theme I did my very best to try and capture a sort of chocolate look. Same thing as all the rest of my themes with text coloring and raised looks. Is a darker theme that was quite unique a few years ago when I first worked on it. I did my very best to recreate it and correct every issue I did not like about it. Now it goes to you for your desktop to enjoy every aspect of it. Less space as two of my themes at most times do not equal one of someone else's since I have chopped the gtk.css to only things that work. So, inside you will once again find two themes in which one is for Gnome and the other for Cinnamon. I have done my best to appeal to all facets of Gnome desktops as I love every one of them, old and new. Just did not mess with Mate this time due to time constraints. This all takes loads of time, since it is not your everyday type of themeing I do. In fact at points, I will admit does give me a headache.

Still, I do my best to capture looks I have never seen done on GL before, minus my own work. As of yet not many others have adjusted to this kind of look and prefer the 90's look. Not me, I love to show off my desktops to all these other OS owners and show them why I love Gnome and Ubuntu so much. I feel we should all be very proud of the systems we use as it is what we want and not what someone wants to force on us. Same goes for all my themes. I will never force it on anyone. I will say that I have shown some of my work outside of GL and people were quite impressed, where some even asked where they can get a copy of Ubuntu with the Gnome Desktop with my themes! Now that is what keeps me making these themes and just hope that will be the case for those that view these. I hope to intrigue art enthusiasts users of Gnome to use these and enjoy them to the fullest.

As always, I ask if you find a real problem, that is not just an opinion, please let me know so I can get it fixed immediately. To the best of my knowledge in theme creation, this is all I can get working, but you will once again be surprised as thus far I can't find anything that is not working and for far less lines than everyone else here. Very amazing when you consider most theme creators more than double the lines I use. Not trying to brag as my main concern, works on everythings, not just a desktop but everything from phones to desktop. This is the future, not many of us are tied to the desktop anymore, we have many more devices that do the job. Is my firm belief that everything we use should look nice and exciting not old and boring. Best wishes to all and hope you find exactly what you seek on GL
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