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I of course had to do this one again. I have stated that sometimes a theme creator inspires another. Well, the original inspired me to start creating themes on my own. Also got me started in the world of Gnome on Linux. So, now you can understand sometimes even though a theme is not downloaded by everyone, it still may inspire someone. Well, that it did. I just hope I am doing it a great justice and service by recreating it with some little twists, hence the name. Once again we are looking at two themes. One for Flashback and one for Cinnamon. One for Cinnamon as past themes carries the metacity folder and the Cin added to the name.

This is not intended to be the original theme due to I involve text coloring and a raised look and shades in the best places, least I hope so! With that said should be pretty easy going on the eyes and enjoyable to see for many. I only seek to add themes that I consider to be great quality and looks. I have spent many hours between all these themes I have uploaded today and honestly can no longer see any mistakes in them. If you find any, do not hesitate to let me know. My soul intention is the best of intentions and that is to do what was done for me. I loved the original and hoping others may love this and go on to do their own also. Same thing as all the ones I have uploaded today as they can be easily adjusted to suit your own tastes. Rather than having 4000 lines to look through is not even 800, so I think is quite simplified Not all of us are developers or geniuses, but still wish to contribute. I just hope this helps for people that want to do that.

I also hope this in no way upsets the original artist of Nissl-Adwaita-4 as I have only meant to compliment his/her great taste and thank them for enticing me into the world of Gnome. I love it here and I can never see leaving this world of depth to return to the flat one! As said, long as I can create I will. Hopefully, many will enjoy this and appreciate the time spent, it is for those I write all these for. Others that do not appreciate anything, I can only hope and pray one day you will. Life is short, so always do your best to enjoy the awesomeness of GL and Gnome.
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