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For those of you that love it dark, this one should be appealing. Formed from the idea that Black is beautiful, I have done my very best to blend that color with many others to produce this theme. Once again, better believe there is no white text coloring as that should be burried with the past. This is the future and time to appreciate what our great Gnome Developers have done with 3.26. I will admit at points I had my doubts, but now I know the wait was well worth it. This version has surpased every version including its predecessor family line of Black_Beauty since all functions and looks as it should.

I have done my very best to not have too high of a shade to annoy people's eyes as I have done in the past. Of course as everyday is a new day, that has all been forgotten. I only care that this theme looks and works great and that you will be satisfied with it. I have gone over every one of these themes dozens of times and I have yet to find anything that I do not want happening. One with the Cin attached is for Cinnamon, Black_Knight should remain always with Gnome Flashback, since it was born there a few years ago! Text coloring used is awesome when one is working on scripts or themes. That and the looks it provides is my primary reasoning, so never try to change me on that as will never happen. As said, this all takes time and no one else wants to pick up this idea, so I guess is up to me to keep providing until at which time I am no longer able to. I also urge other theme creators to do likewise. Just because, a theme has a lower response it does not mean people do not appreciate it. Quantity never matters if the quality is never remembered.

Even if you do not like the looks, you can at least appreciate the time and effort others and myself take to make themes look special for your desktop. With that said, I only want to know if something is not working correctly. I want it usable for everyone. Thus far I see it doing just fine everywhere it has been. The name suggests a more majestic and commanding type as should, since is a great deal to let something this nice-looking take command of your desktop and make it shine. Best wishes to all and hope you find everything you want always.


6 months ago

10 10 the best- The color contrasts on this are almost regal. Very fluid blending. Thanks for keeping Linux lively and customizable.


product-maker aravisian Dec 22 2020 10 the best
10 the best- The color contrasts on this are almost regal. Very fluid blending. Thanks for keeping Linux lively and customizable.
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