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Ryouko is no longer updated and has been succeeded by Nimbus (http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=167467).

Ryouko is a simple PyQt4 Web browser. It was originally designed for Linux, but there is now full Windows support, and it might work on Mac OS X as well (however, this is completely untested). Ryouko was coded purely for fun, and is currently missing a lot of features. Therefore, it is *not* intended to replace your default Web browser, nor is it intended for serious usage or people who need a stable, dependable, and fully-featured program. However, it should be suitable for very basic Web browsing.

Ryouko is licensed under the MIT license.

Features include:
[li]Extensions (or add-ons)[/li][li]Ad-blocking (experimental)[/li][li]Ubuntu apt:// and Android market:// URL support.[/li][li]Simple, minimalist interface[/li][li]Tabbed browsing, like any respectable modern Web browser.[/li][li]Recording of browsing history and preservation of cookies between sessions[/li][li]Private browsing mode[/li][li]There is a button to translate the page into your current language[/li][li]Unlike a number of similar Web browsers, Ryouko supports opening links in new windows.[/li][li]The "Save Link..." function actually works.[/li][li]If faced with an unsupported file type, Ryouko will offer to save the offending file to your computer[/li][li]Free and open-source. Who wouldn't want that? =)[/li]
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