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Command Monitor is a tool that allows you to periodically execute a command and watch the results of it. For instance, if you want to scan for wireless networks using "iwlist eth1 scan" you have to repeat that command each time you want to see if there's a new one. This program does it for you.

Command Monitor also allows you to execute the commands in a remote host using an SSH connection. Now you can comfortably watch the number of Apache child processes of your server.

Read the INSTALL file in the package for installation instructions.

Requires libssh from Aris Adamantiadis for the SSH functionality.


12 years ago

Your app may be very useful, interesting idea.

5 minutes ago I've downloaded & compiled Command Monitor successfully on ubuntu gutsy.

I noticed 2 issues:

* Before closing the app, I think you should wait until workerthread finishes, maybe invoking a stop() method (needs to be implemented) and then invoking wait().
You could simply accept() the QCloseEvent instead of qApp->quit()

void CommandMonitor::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)


I'm not completely sure, just ideas. This might stop buggin with the annoying "QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running" message.

* 2nd issue is the strange message from libssh-2 "Server specified invalid channel"

I'll try to fix someway..

Congratulations ;)



12 years ago

I saw your comments about libssh-2 and the message "Server specified invalid channel". Have you tracked down how this happens?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/insight you can provide me.

I'm working on a binding between libssh-0.2 and lua. Let me know if this is of any interest to you.


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