Linux TMO Splash Screen

KDE 3 Color Schemes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on

5 .0

"Update" It was fix so it can be use in most Linux OS. Now it should not be any problem. if you do please let me know.


This is a Splash Screen but could be use in any Linux OS if you wish I think.

1. Screenshot to your left here is the Splash Look on his movement.

2. Screenshot is the Background Look at 1600X1200 Resolution for most monitors. To use the TMO background as desktop wallpaper read here below.

If you wish to use the Background so it matches the Splash Screen you can download it from here:


In order to use the KDE splash theme.

Unzip the Naturally TMO tar.gz and copy the Background.jpg wallpaper to any directory you want. This is going to be the desktop wallpaper. Right click on this wallpaper goto Action,set as background, Center. You should have your wallpaper in your desktop.

Now goto open Control Center, Appearance and themes, Splash Screen and choose Add, goto the directory where you have put the Tmos.tar.gz and choose it and apply button.

You are finish.

You can tested here in control panel or reboot so that you see the new look in completness.

Anyway inside the tat.gz is the Instructions again.

You can also goto Control Panel/System Administrator/Login Manager/Background/ and choose the Background image so that when you log in between your kdm login and desktop the image can appear.

Let me know please if you have any problems so I can continue learning with this type of splashes and try to make these better.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for vote.

Best Regards,
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