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Conky With Tap you can hide and unhide the conky by click on the shortcut

first special thanks for deny26 and iacoporosso for their great work on
Minimalis Conky 1.2.1


conky tab

Minimalis Conky+conky tab = Adslgate.conky

how to config this conky

1- copy .conky to your home folder.

2- right click on conky => Properties => command =>/home/samiuvic/.conky/pop then change samiuvic to your username.

3- install the conky_symbols_by_wiltur-d3ij3mi font .

4- open rc3 with any editor.. and go to line 59 "u" is the distribution logo change it to your distro.

5- go to line 60 change "Linux Mint" to what ever you want.

6- if you have CPU with 2 cores add # in the beginning of line 68 and 69 .. if you have 4 Cores CPU don't change any thing .. and if you have more than 4 cores just add it.

7- from line 92 to 102 modify your HDD just name and directory .

8- Lines 104 ,105 and 106 if you are using ethernet don't change it and if you are using wireless add # in the beginning of them.

9- lines 108 to 114 if you are using wireless delete # from the beginning of lines and if you are using ethernet don't change any thing.

10- save file.

Run conky from the shortcut

=sorry for may poor english =
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