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Go! search

This is a superkarmba search enegine. You need KDE 3.5 to running it.

Based on Wikipedia Search karamba by mihas (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=35639)
Thanks to Rcio Zienke for wikilink onfig entry.

* Google search
* Config colors
* Chosse browser

* Yahoo and Google in one
* Slovene language pack
* German language pack


All code is under GPL. Google is tademark of Google inc.
Last changelog:

13 years ago

0.1 (pangea)
11st December 2006

*new project


13 years ago

Thanks. I saw a few Kicker applet alternatives but they seem to be outdated and not maintained. I found a few bugs though...

1. When configuring the theme, choosing "Input Box Frame Color" does not bring up a dialog like the other options.

2. When a dialog does pop up, clicking "Cancel" gives an error that the right color combo was not selected instead of just canceling.

Other than it's good, but I would like to see an option to resize the search box (it's currently too small for phrases and long words and requires scrolling).


13 years ago

0.1 (pangea)
11st December 2006

*new project

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0.1 (Pangea)
updated Dec 11 2006
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