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ok,this is another system monitor... nothing that exciting but i've just put together all the things i use in one single theme to avoid having loads of themes opened. so, check it out to see if it fits your needs.
If you don't like the kubuntu logo in the corner, i've put the logos of most common distros in the file so you just have to uncomment one line to change it ;)

features :
-display basic informations on your system (net dl/up, cpu, disk space, kernel version...)
-checks mail (on a pop3 server)
-has some shortcuts
-includes agenda theme (by peman

it needs a bit of editing to work properly (i'm working on the configure menu) so, read the readme to find out what to do if you don't know.

hope you'll like it :)

(feedback is most welcome, ideas of improvement etc...)
(this is my 1st karamba theme and kde contribution so please don't be too critical :D)
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