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Unlike most other karamba themes TabView presents various user-defined
informations using tabs, so only one page is visible at a time.
There are 10 tabs and every one contains output in plaintext or html
taken from commands. Commands are defined in simple tabview configuration file
(tabview.rc), where one can define tab icon and command that generates output
(like "ps" or "cal" for example, or anything else) as some other settings.

Initially tabs are defined as:

List of logged users
df -h output
random signature (i am using my own script, you can put fortune there)
list of most CPU-intensive processes
calendar and clock
free -m output
Ask dict for selected keyword
Display random image from selected directory
Basic Amarok control
TabView about

I am using 1600:1200 desktop resolution and dark background,
and thats where TabView will look good from beginning
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