Earth Orbit


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Low earth orbit - visible are the sun, Earth, and moon. Unlike some of the other planet/moon skydomes out there, this one actually has light/shadows going the right way :P

I adapted this from

This image was actually done a few years ago, but I never bothered uploading it. I wanted this skydome to be somewhat realistic. I didn't really like the look of the stars or sun in the original, and I took out the asteroid. Then I rendered stars using static particles in Blender3D. The sun is also done in Blender, as a lens flare. I combined the effects together in GIMP.

One major problem I saw with it was that the stars seem to gain brightness near the sun, which should not happen. However, when I made this I was a noob and didn't know how to use masks and such in GIMP. If I'm not lazy, I plan fixing this (decreasing brightness of stars around the sun). However, I've long lost the original Blender file, and I don't really know how to use Blender's particle engine anymore. Oh well.
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