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I'm not what I'm supposed to be because greed got the better of me. In order to succeed I must let go of what drives me and find what inspires me. I won’t go quitting my job but I will spend more time devoted to my passions...... No more cheap entertainment, I will allow my soul to speak. I will pay more attention to the people around me. So I may use my gift of sight and show them what I see.
I will spend time only with people who expand my vision even those with who I do not always agree, lust must not cloud my vision, what I gain by selling my time must be used to expand my ability, what I crave must be found in a kindred spirit so our time may be spend in part in partial to learning from each other so we may learn to love.
My Dark Passenger must never be allowed to drive though I may enjoy his company and share what he shows me (No it’s not a demon it’s the side of myself I suppress son you may find me approachable “Arch my darkness, Lark my looks, I’m so lucky to be nutty”*) ($*!* me sideways The Tool I’m listening is having my *@*%!$# mind for a quick afternoon ?#@* and I’m thinking that I finally found a sound method for writing Gonzo, I bloody better hope so but let’s see how it goes&rdquo
My eyes must be allowed to see the truth, rather avoid seeing what you can’t handle than going blind ideally put a stop to it if you can but before you do ask yourself why. We must never give ourselves carte blanche. Cause and effect must all ways be taken into consideration. From understanding that energy is merely the movement of a particle with mass to understanding that my decisions today will affect the direction my life my take tomorrow.

This is how this image was conserved. In hope of change in realizing that the current route humanity is taking will lead to its final destruction, sad because I realize humankind will ultimately chose lust and greed over wisdom and a will to expand our minds and fail to take the next step in evolution, rather sticking to dogma to comfort them in times of need.
The connection is to a story called “The Thinking Machine and Its Consequent Daydream” Failure to take the next step and falling back to what comforted them in the past the people of Endrof had been taken by a new enemy. An enemy that would enslave their minds and souls and turn them into the way of its will “Does that ring a bell” He is roaming the forest the changes the Shaldorf has made has given him a very keen sense of smell and he is on the trail of the last bit of sanity left on his home world. A young commander soon to be admiral as soon as she joins up with her new found friends. She is protecting her uncle who happened to be the ruler of this world, she herself royalty but who has chosen the military over the power of her name. Our friend would be dead before he got within ten meters of her but that doesn’t concern us now. All we need to see is a planet in ruin because of its people’s lust for instant gratification and its failure to see the truth
Am I the broken soul on route to killing what remains of the Devine ability in me? Or am I the one keeping alive what should actually be important?
It’s a composition of four photographs taken over partially into negative and colored as I saw fit.......
Hope you enjoy
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