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Something that might actually have a positive influence on the world right now. Everything is just so lame today if its not happy horse %@*! then its retards contemplating sex and selling it to the masses. Sex is not everthing people, loving somebody is actually so much better. So lets call this my little fantasy and say this road leads to lady gaga's ?!**# emporium. Sad bit is I'd actually do it I'd nuke the !$?*@ and wont understand why they arrest me I'll most probably think their taking me to be inducted in some hall of fame instead of being sent of up the river to the funny farm. I don't hate the person I hate the Idea. Its cool to be a %$@? today, my heart breaks I like a wild girl with a free spirit. Lady Gagga isn't she's nothing but a two bit #*@%* who made it big and everybody thinks its cool. Cool is that chic in the corner checking you out as you walk in. Cool is the devious little smile she gives you before walking over and taking you on a wild ride with her amazing ability to verbalize her unique ideas, cool is following her where ever staring at her sexy ass while she lets you know with words and ideas how ever cute her ass might be its not her best feature and she's not afraid of admitting it
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