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Been out building new OS, but now will return with a new theme that hopefully others will enjoy.

Red Black and Blue looks nice on all the desktops I tried which goes from Gnome to LXDE. Desktops are more functional on this OS have just built, so am hoping to bring the most beautiful works for themes possible as time goes on.

Funny thing about this theme is it came from a mistake, when I went to update another. From that mistake, I saw that the looks of it seemed decent so figured maybe other users will feel the same, so here it is!

Do not be dismayed by the size of the file as is in same format as Black Beauty III at the point I started a trend that cuts down the amount of files needed to make a theme functional! Was a great move as themes engage faster and also seem to help the larger Gnome desktop initiate a little quicker!

As usual take a look at the pictures if you do not like the looks, do not get it and do not post negative comments about looks! I am more concerned about bringing you themes that work fast and correctly! With that said, If there are hassles and issues let me know and will do my best to fix all problems ASAP! Please NO SPAM, DO NOT SELL HERE!
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product-maker RobNJ Jan 12 2014 9 excellent
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