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Basically what we have here is my own kind of dedication to the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas is purely a novelty and not entirely developed to be used as an everyday theme. I suppose one can, but would be a bit rough on the eyes! This is something that is on the humorous side of things to just help make some people a bit more cheerful as we move into that faithful day! This is something that one may basically use to amuse someone they have just bought a computer for.

With its odd looks of two cascading colors, everyone can notice what kind of effect our brilliant and awesome Gnome developers have done for us! At this point I want to wish those Developers and their families the warmest wishes for the holidays!!!! These developers spend endless hours just to make our desktops shine, work, and take on all the looks and effects our hearts desire!!!! Selfless hours they spend tapping away on their keyboards so we can look at that gorgeous and brilliant desktop and enjoy it to the utmost! Gnome developers have sure won my heart! Even though I may spend time on other desktops you better believe, I spend countless hours on Gnome in sheer admiration. Well, Well done Gnome and please know all your time is well spent and understood as the most brilliant art this world has ever seen!

Now with that said, this theme also contains pretty poor looks on the browsers due to the coloring, so is really not advisable to use in the browsing sense. Merely, this theme is as I say for "Novelty " not meant for work but just for show and a little humor. I am not at all worried about fixing any issues with it as is not meant for nothing but show! So do not bother sending fix issues, since is only a "Novelty" and not meant as an everyday work theme! When commenting please remember there are tools that help with grammar on here. At points is difficult for me to understand when things are severely mispelled. Also fonts shown or depicted in my pictures of this theme are fonts I chose for my system and not ones I will ever force any user to use. I simply love the style and also wish those developers the best! The color white has been left out as can be offensive to some when considering snowfall! I sincerely wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and best of Holidays!!!!
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