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Author Kalman, Ferenc

This Screenlet Was not made by me, i just posted it because is gone... and i didnt what to lose screenlets hosting

Simple RSS1.0/RSS2.0/Atom feed reader


11 years ago

I know the last post is long ago but maybe somebody will read this...
I can't start the screenlet since the following error occurs:

AttributeError: 'gtk.gdk.Pixbuf' object has no attribute 'render_cairo'

A dependence problem?



12 years ago

This works great! I just have one suggestion: would it be possible to add the time of every update in the rss... I mean, for example, I am subscribed to a rss of my class in the university. In this class there is a forum, so there are lots of post and every one of them appears in the rss. That is good, but sometimes there are post on the same discussion, so in the rss appears the same: "Forum - Theme", so I am not able to determine if this is a new post or the last one I have already read.
So, it would be great to add this option.
I would do it myself, but I can't program in python...xD



12 years ago

This is the only RSS screenlet I could find that did anything close to what I wanted.

I have a couple of suggestions/requests:

1-Give the ability to stretch the length longer than 200. I realize it's called "mini" but it worked so well, I wanted it to use more. I manually changed the .py file to allow my desired 280 px, but having that in the options would be nice.

2-Add menu items to allow changing the X and Y of the text. This would alleviate any alignment problems when stretching it longer than the 200px you currently have it locked at.

I simply changed those 2 setting and now have FINALLY found a RSS reader that's worth anything for the screenlet app.



12 years ago

Doh, just read that you were not the author. Oh well, maybe he will read it.


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