Blue Letter Bible (Not Official)

Plasma 4 Extensions

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


** Update 09/17/2013 **

This app used to display the iPhone Bible webapp called 3onesix. I tried this Plasmoid out after some time only to find that the 3onesix site seemed to have some issues. In the mean time Blue Letter Bible has made some strides to update their site making it more and more mobile friendly. So as promised in the comments from years ago I have switched the provider over to the mobile version to Blue Letter Bible as it's now a better choice. Even though this is not official, I hope you like it..

This is my first Plasmoid attempt. It's just a simple Plasmoid that brings up the 3onesix web Bible iPhone web app. It uses python and depends on pykde. I have tried other methods (ie. those Aaron gives on his blog) but this one worked the best and was the easiest for me. Your suggestions, changes, fixes, etc.. are welcome.

(The instructions below are for manual cli install, install from KHNS should work fine)
To Install as User:
plasmapkg -i 107952-BLB.plasmoid

To Uninstall:
plasmapkg -r 107952-BLB.plasmoid


7 years ago

Can you please make it availabe as panel icon with popup too?



7 years ago

What a wonderful item to have on my desktop, thank you so much!




10 years ago

Because it's meant to be viewed on a iPhone the dimensions are fixed. So if I was to go any smaller if would show the scroll bars. Also I have no control over the number of versus or translations as the app is not developed by me I just basically create a webkit wrapper to display it.

Sorry I can't do more, a better app that uses libsword would be neat, but it's well above the resources I currently have. However it would allow for multiple translations and more than 4 versus. If you find a better web based bible reader that's iPhone based I will be more then happy to create a wrapper for that too.



11 years ago

Works great an looks nice! I will probably keep it on my desktop!

Here are a few suggestions:
-it's a little chunky. I don't want a plasmoid to take up an 8th of my desktop, so I sized it down. This would work better if it was designed a little smaller (I don't know if that's possible). Specifically there is a lot of unused space at the bottom.
-Is there a way to display more than max. 4 verses? Or to change the default translation?


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